Skylar Coutinho

Skylar leads Kids Aerial classes, and trains aerial, acrobatics, and Cyr wheel at MASC. She is a Missoula Montana native with a lifelong passion for movement arts. Being a natural daredevil she took to gymnastics as a kid. She grew up training at Bitterroot Gymnastics in Missoula. As an adult she discovered hula hooping which introduced her to the world of circus arts, partner acro jams, and aerial dance. Sky began actively finding teachers and workshops to improve her skills. Eventually she was talent scouted to attend the National Institute of Circus arts in Australia, where she was given the opportunity to work with world class coaches in the arts of hand-balancing, contortion, dance, performance and refining partner acrobatic, aerial, and hoop skills. Sky's latest passion is the Cyr Wheel which landed her in another professional circus program in Portland, OR. Ever the adventurer, she recently returned from a vigorous training regimen with a Cyr specialist in San Francisco.

Skylar has several years experience coaching gymnastics, and teaching workshops and private lessons in the many disciplines she enjoys. She has a long time goal of touring with a professional Circus company. Sky loves to share her knowledge and help people gain confidence and efficacy.

Skylar Coutinho instructs the following:
  • Ages 7-9: Kids Aerial Series
  • Level: Beginner
    Age: 7-10, no exceptions
    Focus: Skills/Technique and Creative Exploration
    Prereq: n/a
    Description: Workshop style class. An 8 week series in the Winter, Spring, and Fall. Kids spirits soar as they hone their inner equilibrist. Games and conditioning increase strength, mental focus, and agility. Kids find their wings and express themselves as the equipment transforms into a magical world! Fun and friendly coaches establish safety and structure as kids weave body positioning mechanics on aerial sling, partner acro, and transfer skills from the floor into the air. So your kids can dazzle you with their fresh steez and skillz, on the last day of the series, friends and family are invited to a show and share!

  • Ages 10-12: Aerial Basics Series
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Age: 10-12, no exceptions
    Focus: Skills/Technique and Creative Exploration
    Prereq: n/a
    Description: Workshop style class. An 8 week series Winter, Spring, and Fall. Fundamental concepts and technique in aerial skills are the heart of the program. Once an understanding of the essentials begin to shine in their practice, these tweens explore movement, expression, and sequencing improvisation. Option to perform a "show and share" during the last class. This series is a prerequisite for Kids Aerial Dance Series.