Erin Eliz Giefer

Erin teaches hula hooping at MASC Studio. She was inspired to become a certified Elemental Hoop Dance teacher so that she could share the joy of movement, dance and flow arts. She is also certified in Reiki 2 and Kundalini Yoga. Hula hooping encouraged Erin to let her best self shine brightly and connected her to like-minded fellows. When she teaches classes and sees her students smiling so brightly—she can only hope they feel similar joy to what she has experienced. Erin has been fortunate to attend numerous flow arts gatherings and train with talented flow artists in the international community.
Life is not always easy, but it certainly is beautiful. Erin uses dance as her offering to the universe, sharing deep thanks with every shimmy of her hips, saying thank you for gifting her with the ability to dance, hoop and smile. When she performs, she performs to experience pure joy of self expression through movement. Performance arts allow Erin to feel like she’s truly a part of an event—contributing her unique talents to help others enjoy their experience.

Erin Eliz Giefer is currently not instructing any classes.