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MASC is headquarters for training and theater space for professional performance artists, the MASC Artisans. We provide booking services for vibrant artists with a distinct and polished flair to entertain, enrapture, and intrigue. Artists can be hired solo or in combination to coalesce the stirring effects of ephemeral art & experience. Performances reflect the vision of the event producer including striking choreography, vibrant costuming, and a collaborative approach. We specialize in aerial, acrobatics, dance, fire arts (eating, breathing, dancing, and manipulating hand held props), theatrics, and roving entertainment such as stilting, unicycle, and character impersonations.

We make performance art & entertainment easy and accessible. With our polished ensemble of equipment and crew, events are memorable, unique, and a cut above the rest. Private Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Concerts, Festivals, Collaborations, Schools Programs, Community, Theater Productions, and more!

Alex is MASC's Production Manager, Kids Programs, and Flow & Fire Arts Coach. He is instrumental in the development of our in-house productions, kicking off our fun and unique reputation with regular kid friendly shows A Night with The Circus, as well as community favorites The Grinch Who Stole Circus, Cirque du Jour, and Turn.

Alex is, hands down (and up and all around), one of the finest jugglers the wild West ever did see. His style and complex moves have viewers rapt in merriment and sheer mind puzzlement. Alex is adept with numerous flow tools, skiing, climbing, and slackline, and enjoys jamming and giving lessons to kids and adults.

Alex adds even more value to our awesome town as a beloved Elementary School Teacher, team member at Freestone Climbing Gym, rigger at Rocky Mountain Rigging, Host and Entertainer on Thirst Gear, and bubbly brain bender at Big Sky Breakout.

Ilsa leads Aerial Fitness, Aerial Dance Series, and trains and performs trapeze at MASC. She has been acting and dancing since the age of four. Over the years she's been trained in Classical and Contemporary Theatre, Jazz, Modern, Tango, Hip Hop, Ballet, Pole Fitness, Pilates, Stage Combat, Voice Technique, and she's performed in over twenty-five shows. She attend Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York City and afterwards began her exploration in Aerial Dance. After two years of aerial study in the city she chose to deepen her technique and moved to Boulder, CO. for Frequent Flyer’s Aerial Dance Professional Training Program. Once graduated, Ilsa joined a Denver based circus troupe, Mesmerie Entertainment LLC & Kaleidoscope Circus Arts, and began performing regularly as well as coaching aerial arts at Miraas Circus Arts and Denver Dance in Denver, CO. Ilsa now resides in Missoula, MT and has co-founded Prismatic Aerial Theatre with Caitlin Warr, founder of Big Sky Aerial Dance. Ilsa currently coaches trapeze, lyra, aerial fitness, aerial choreography, and aerial dance at MASC. 
Gracie leads Aerial and Pole Fitness, Aerial and Pole Choreography, Pole Tricks, assists with Kids programs, and trains and performs aerial, and acrobatics. She also teaches for MASCs accredited UM courses, Lifelong Learning Center, and Flagship. Being a Missoula native, Gracie grew up with the mountains and rivers as her playground. Her acrobatic journey began in 2010 when she discovered her love for yoga, as well as realized what the human body is capable of. It wasn’t long after that that she dove into the world of partner acrobatics. Fast forward to 2014, after obtaining numerous trainings and certifications, Gracie found her home at MASC Studio and Training agency, where she began sharing her love of AcroYoga with the community. Having an adult jungle gym at her finger tips, her focus was quickly drawn to the world of aerial acrobatics. 2015 marked the beginning of Gracie’s aerial training, and since then she has taught, trained and performed around the world, including both Nicaragua and Mexico. Gracie now teaches a wide variety of classes at MASC including pole, pole fitness, aerial choreography, aerial fitness, partner acrobatics and yoga.
Mark leads Aerial yoga and Aerial fitness for MASCs accredited UM courses, the Lifelong Learning Center. Mark trains and performs vertical, acrobatics, and flow arts. He has been studying the art of movement since he was a kid. He has studied Systema, a Russian Martial Art, flow and fire arts, and has extensive trainings and experience in Aerial Acrobatics. He is currently in Born To Fly Aerial Acrobatics Certification Program, and is a prolific performance artist as well. You can check out his work here:
FB: ark erner
IG: @masc_markb
Kait leads Aerial Dance Series, Aerial Conditioning & Mobility, and Performance Lab at MASC. She began practicing yoga in 2010 when she first attended a class at University. As a life long athlete and outdoors enthusiast, she has always felt most uninhibited when engaging in movement. Yoga has given her an outlet to find meaning in that movement and provides a safe space for introspection. She believes that yoga is essential to maintaining a balanced life. Kait completed her 200 hr RYT through Greenville Yoga under the guidance of Liz Delaney in 2015. Flow and Yin are her favorite styles on the floor as she aims to guide students to combine yogic movement and meditation into one practice. Kait first began her aerial training in 2015 with her mentor Kelly Van Leeuwen of MAYA Movement Arts. She completed her Aerial Yoga Certification through Levity Aerial Yoga, a program accredited by Yoga Alliance, in the spring of 2016. Kait has also attended aerial workshops led by some of the most influential members of the industry. While aerial yoga and aerial choreography have become a fast passion, she still continues to find herself coming "home" to her mat. Having recently moved from Greenville, South Carolina--Kait is grateful for the opportunity to share her passion both through yoga and coaching aerial dance with the Missoula community.
Nicole is MASC's studio manager, aerial coach, and aerial program designer and artistic director of in house productions. From a young age Nicole has been fascinated with expression through movement and theater. Growing up she danced at a small studio and was involved in theater. In early 2013, Nicole discovered her love for aerial arts. Craving a skill that would take her to new heights and challenges, aerial has been satisfying choice. As a compliment to aerial coaching, Nicole practices and teaches barre, yoga and pilates, serving as a solid base of principles and techniques; derived from numerous rigorous teacher trainings from some of the nation's most renowned instructors and programs. In addition to these trainings, Nicole gives back to the Missoula community by participating in the local Yoga Behind Bars program 'Freedom Within,' and in MASC's partnership with the YWCA, Flagship, the Lifelong Learning Center, and the University of Montana. In 2017, Nicole created and authenticated Aerial Arts Fundamentals Curriculum and MASC Teacher Training, catapulting MASC as a company to a new realm of professionalism. Nicole weaves her profession with her art. Fueling inspiration with a consistent passion for augmenting her skills and qualifications, she performs with a style that is solely her own creation; she is truly unique and mesmerizing.

Born to Fly Aerial Certification ProgramMultiple Versatile Art's Teacher TrainingsAnahata Power Yoga Teacher Training/Certification- 200hrAlignment Series Training- yoga with Anahata Power YogaBeginner and Intermediate Mat Pilates Certification - MOVE MissoulaStandard Barre Training- w/ Selena GarefinoTrauma Based Movement TrainingCreation and Design of Aerial Programs, Curriculum and MASC Teacher Trainings

Skylar leads Kids Aerial classes, and trains aerial, acrobatics, and Cyr wheel at MASC. She is a Missoula Montana native with a lifelong passion for movement arts. Being a natural daredevil she took to gymnastics as a kid. She grew up training at Bitterroot Gymnastics in Missoula. As an adult she discovered hula hooping which introduced her to the world of circus arts, partner acro jams, and aerial dance. Sky began actively finding teachers and workshops to improve her skills. Eventually she was talent scouted to attend the National Institute of Circus arts in Australia, where she was given the opportunity to work with world class coaches in the arts of hand-balancing, contortion, dance, performance and refining partner acrobatic, aerial, and hoop skills. Sky's latest passion is the Cyr Wheel which landed her in another professional circus program in Portland, OR. Ever the adventurer, she recently returned from a vigorous training regimen with a Cyr specialist in San Francisco.

Skylar has several years experience coaching gymnastics, and teaching workshops and private lessons in the many disciplines she enjoys. She has a long time goal of touring with a professional Circus company. Sky loves to share her knowledge and help people gain confidence and efficacy.

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Video and editing: Louie Meisner of Epoch Media
Props: Wizard of Flow prop and fire gear
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